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Stamp out “God” from US coins

Statement of Intent:

  1. The author intends only such minimal action as will leave U.S. coins and bank notes entirely fit for re-issue. That is to say, their continued re-issue (circulation as legal tender) is inherent to the intent of said alteration.
  2. The author neither intends nor perpetrates any fraud. That is to say, neither the weight nor the denomination, nor any marking whatsoever significant to a coin’s valuation does he alter in the slightest.
  3. The author strives ardently to effect only such alteration as is legal under his rightful exercise of Free Speech as guaranteed in the Constitution.
  4. The author encourages all others that they likewise must hold themselves most severely to this same exact intent.

Explanation for the above:

How you too can stamp out “God” from U.S. coins:

  1. First ask of yourself, “Just how offended am I with being forced to accept and distribute Judeo-Christian mantras every time I buy or sell?”
    • You must quantify this annoyance because to do something about it will require some each of time and money.
      • Money — a custom made, hardened steel, hand stamp is hardly cheap. But then it’s only a one-time investment.
      • Time — a hand stamp will not apply itself to coins.
    • Here is your chance to stand up with honor against an ongoing indignity. But do you really care enough to strike a blow (actually quite a lot of blows) against it?
    • Basically, will you act? or simply continue to whine in vain?
  2. Contact the author so as to join with others in the bulk purchase (for lower price) of these custom, hardened steel hand stamps.
    • Designed for imprinting steel, each one should last a lifetime of coins!
    • The cost is reduced since the author, in buying the first one (as pictured here), paid for the production tooling on any which follow.
    • Buy two! What more fitting Christmas gift for a valued non-Christian friend?
  3. Examine and/or modify your own intent so as to be lawful under the U.S. Code, Title 18, Sec. 333.
  4. Apply the stamp to dimes and quarters — carefully so as to neither diminish the coin’s fitness for reissue nor to alter its markings for identification and valutation.
  5. Lay the coin on a smooth, hard surface (steel is best) so that the coin will not be cupped when it is struck.
  6. Center the custom, hardened steel hand stamp over the offending reference to God.
  7. Hold the stamp near to the coin so that you may feel when it is aligned flush with the coin.
  8. Strike the stamp a medium blow with a light hammer — so that the coin remains undamaged.
    • Make sure that the word "God" may still be read — but with the improvement of a super-imposed, international circle-and-slash sign to unmistakably negate the offending word’s meaning.
  9. Examine the coin to evaluate your technique.
    • Your clear objective is that the coin may retain its fitness for reissue.
    • You want it to circulate for as long and as widely as possible.
    • Thus your exercise of free speech may endure for as long (and hopefully longer!) than even the Bureau of Engraving and Printing did intend.
    • Derive satisfaction that your stamp on the coin will many, many, many times outlast the same symbol scribbled by hand in red ink on a dollar bill.
    • Think of how many times you have held a coin that was older than you?
    • This effort will surely outlast no few others that you might make!
  10. Repeat from step three, ad infinitum. Five minutes effort is required for a ten-dollar roll of quarters.

Alternate method: Perform as above, except that instead of the none-too-cheap custom hand stamp, employ an ordinary hand stamp: the letter X from a set of 1/8 inch alphabetical hand stamps. Lay the X on its side so that it seems more a cross-out than the letter X. This alternate method, however, is not preferred since your exercise of free speech may be unclear. The super-imposed circle-and-slash is universally understood — none will mistake its meaning for some mere accident.

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Ideas on How to Most Widely Distribute Stamped Coins:

Motivations of the author:


In closing — Let me pose a question to the monotheists: If your god is so almighty, why then nowadays does he require your puny efforts in his defense? Why nowadays are there no disasters of Biblical proportion? Why can your god no longer lift a finger on his own? Whither went his awesome might and terrible power?

I’ll answer my own question... It is because your god was mortal, just as all gods are mortal. That is why. Your god has long since passed away and taken rebirth in another form. Personally, I suspect that your god is now working off many eons of negative karma in a hell realm for the outright genocides, the thousand-fold wholesale murders, and mass public infanticides which your Old Testament (the Books of Numbers, 1st & 2nd Kings, Nahum, etc.) attributes to him — unless, of course, all of it was nothing more than a myth to begin with.